E – Environment

We take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
In the ProService Finteco group of companies, we actively support a preventive approach to environmental problems, take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and support the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our main goal is to strive to reduce CO2 emissions,
which we aim to achieve by:

Planting trees

Tree planting will be done by participating in environmental initiatives and projects carried out by volunteers to plant trees throughout Poland and supporting all initiatives that aim at the restoration of Polish forests.

Green office

We have implemented policies in each of our offices that include sorting waste, using recycled paper, eliminating plastics, reducing printing, reusing office supplies, saving energy, using office equipment efficiently, and going paperless.

In 2021 ProService Finteco received the Green Office certificate

Environmentally friendly technology

We support and design solutions and technologies to reduce paper consumption. One of our pioneering solutions is ProService Finteco Durable Medium platform, which allows financial institutions to provide their customers with documents using a durable medium of information. With this technology:
  • We save trees – 1 tree equals 8,000 A4 sheets
  • We save water – 1 sheet equals 5 liters of water used in the production process
  • We provide healthy oxygen – 1 tree provides oxygen for 3 people