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ProService Finteco adopts holistic security approach with Microsoft 365 and Azure

ProService Finteco who has been providing innovative IT solutions and services for financial institutions for two decades views technology as an accelerator.


Paweł Sujecki interview in the AmCham 2/2020 Magazine

In an interview with AmCham magazine, Paweł Sujecki talks about the influence of COVID-19 on the operation of ProService Finteco Group.


In ProService Finteco we work as a team and we support each other.

In a special interview for Emilia Guz reveals what personally helped her to reconcile her professional career with family life and how ProService Finteco supports its employees at different stages of their personal lives.


ProService Finteco has taken over another company.

Proservice Finteco, with the support of investor Oaktree, took over another company Turbine Analytics.

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