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Our company offers comprehensive services for business processes, such as registration and control of contracts, handling of insurance events, keeping the register of the Insured or maintaining correspondence with the Insured. Our services are always in accordance with current legislation and carried out with the utmost care, ensuring the smooth flow of all business processes and full satisfaction of our clients.

IT Solutions

Our knowledge and experience gathered over many years of servicing companies from the insurance sector allowed us to develop a set of advanced IT tools dedicated to this industry.. Thanks to their use, our clients gain significant streamlining and acceleration of their business processes, as well as a guarantee of the highest quality of services and full compliance with the requirements of current regulations.

We equip our solutions with remote mechanisms that ensure, among others:

  • identity verification and the possibility of concluding contracts remotely,
  • online cooperation between employees of insurance companies, agents and customers (video calls).

Outsourcing and services in the insurance sector

We offer a full set of comprehensive back-office operational support services for the insurance sector.

We provide, among others:

  • transfer agent functions for Insurance Capital Funds, Employee Capital Plans,
  • keeping the accounts of the FSC,
  • professional Call Center services focused on a comprehensive service of both customers and sales network of insurance companies,
  • automated bulk mailing services.

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Handling insurance products

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Data exchange with UFG

Handling the commission system

Chatbot support

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