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Powiązane artykuły Warka Case study en in Warka Brewery Case Study

The solution deployed in Warka Brewery helps us control the quality of products on an ongoing basis.

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Building an integrated system for a new insurer in 6 months and with a minimum financial outlay

Trasti started its activity on the market at the beginning of March 2021 by introducing the motor third-party liability insurance offer.

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Introducing a new brand to the market and shortening the purchasing path to 60 seconds

BrokerUFG is a product, thanks to which one can quickly and efficiently start communication between an insurance company and the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG).

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How we integrated six insurance systems into one and raised the quality indicators in the UFG ranking

ProService Finteco company organized data from six insurance systems and executed a unified data reporting system to UFG during the implementation for Generali.

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How to get first place in the ranking of insurers of the Insurance Guarantee Fund

In this case study, we share the details of the solution and the effects achieved by participating in the introduction of a new insurer to the Polish market.

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Work time recording system for MPK Kraków drivers

Implementation of a system to generate monthly hourly work cards for drivers and mechanics.

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System for managing the claims handling process in MPK Kraków

Introduction of a solution for managing the claims handling process.

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OFE handling

The reform of the Open Pension Funds (OFEs) will result in their transformation into Specialized Open Investment Funds and the PTEs will be transformed into Investment Fund Companies.

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