Managed Services

You manage the assets. We handle the processes for you.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services is a one-stop shop for financial institutions’ mutual fund needs, from keeping abreast of regulatory and technology trends to aligning IT processes and solutions, managing the necessary systems infrastructure and providing modern customer service with full support of digital services.

Monitoring trends and market changes

We monitor the trends so that you can always be one step ahead of the changes – we inform you when something important comes up. We actively participate in the creation of new market standards and legal regulations.

Changes in the investment funds market often require many months of preparations and comprehensive knowledge. Thanks to Managed Services, you are always well prepared for new legal and technological solutions.

  • We keep track of the changes in legal and technological regulations that affect the functioning of investment funds;
  • We share our knowledge about the upcoming changes in legal regulations and system changes affecting the day-to-day operations of investment funds;
  • We adapt our services to market trends in the use of new technologies and customer service digitalisation;
  • We create business applications that respond to the needs of our clients;
  • We advise on legal and technological aspects and how to prepare your organisation for new requirements.
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We provide infrastructure and business applications

We provide complex support for system and regulatory changes. Our technology and business solutions provide end-to-end customer service, billing, reporting and asset management.

  • We adapt systems and technologies to new legal regulations, ensure their stability, high security and scalability;
  • We provide systematic distribution of participation units;
  • We do the bookkeeping and necessary accounting;
  • We automate valuation and asset management processes;
  • We enable full management and statutory reporting;
  • We provide serviced dedicated to specific needs of our clients.
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Comprehensive support for your business

Managed Services delivered by ProService Finteco is your organization’s end-to-end support for investment fund management, starting from regulations, through back-office systems to customer self-service.


We provide support for back-office operational processes

  • We comprehensively manage business processes.
  • We handle the processes of settlements, explanations, complaints and communication with customers, providing all back office processes.
  • We implement new technologies that eliminate the need for paper documents and automate customer service processes increasing fund participant satisfaction.

We provide multi-channel digital communications for mutual fund participants - front office

  • We deliver state-of-the-art technologies that provide digital self-service to participants, responding to the challenges of today. From mobile solutions, through video verification, to the automation of online purchases in cooperation with an advisor.
  • We provide a multi-channel communication environment for customers and advisors from self-service web portals to dedicated contact centers for customers and contact center advisors.

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Sales Director of the ProService Finteco Group

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