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By combining quantitative competence, capital markets expertise and IT competence, we are able to provide Financial Institutions with systems tailored to their needs, built in accordance with industry best practices and generating competitive advantage.

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Asset management

Our software, which is an ecosystem of applications for asset management companies (TFIs), allows you to automate, professionalize and simplify your organization’s processes. The modular architecture of the system allows to implement selected modules and significantly reduce operational risk associated with the application deployment. The system is accessible through a browser and made with state-of-the-art and interactive technologies.

Risk management

We offer a wide range of consulting services for market risk management in financial institutions:

  • Creation of risk models, their stress-testing, validation and implementation in software used by the Institution (e.g. VaR models).
  • Outsourcing the risk management process at every stage (risk measurement, risk monitoring, risk reporting).
  • Audit of risk management process, models used and adequacy of methods.
  • Audit of fund management performance compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) performance presentation standards.
  • Implementation of market, credit and operational risk management systems.
  • Support in the area of Asset/Liability Matching in Insurance Companies.
  • Advice on GIPS implementation.

Asset Valuation

The AVS system, that is Asset Valuation System with an eFR (easy Financial Reporting) module is a comprehensive solution for accounting, asset valuation and reporting for investment, pension and insurance funds for TFIs, PTEs, TUs, Depositaries and Asset Management companies.

AVS provides, among other things:

  • Reduced handling time and labor intensity of the valuation process and publication of results.
  • Streamlining operations, ensuring data consistency, and increasing valuation team productivity.
  • Comprehensive auditability of data in the system based on accounting records and source documents.
  • Maintaining a record of transaction records in accordance with the requirements of the European MiFID Directive.
  • Examination of investment limits for supervisory purposes against restrictions under the Act, regulations, and fund statutes.


PRIIPs are part of the European Union’s drive to increase transparency and efficiency in the retail investment market. The EU wants to help consumers (i.e. non-professionals) better understand the investments they are buying and, as a result, make it easier for consumers to navigate the retail investment market.

Key product features:

  • Time saving by fully automating KID generation processes
  • Automatic creation of KID documents on demand throughout the product lifecycle
  • Automatic creation of KIDs for PRIIPs with calculated key risk and return scenarios and other static and dynamic content.
  • Automatic collection of data from the client.
  • Reports available in Word and PDF formats.
  • The application works in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model and provides full process outsourcing capability.
  • Integration of communication via SFTP and API.
  • Archiving of the created KID documents for 10 years.
  • Automatic distribution of documents by e-mail according to designated roles or to SFTP server.
  • Branding on documents.
  • Pre-defined text.

Instrument valuation

We specialize in the valuation and automation of the valuation process of financial instruments with a particular focus on exotic derivatives, debt portfolios and credit derivatives.

  • Creation of valuation models, their stress-testing, validation and implementation in software used by the Institution (e.g. valuation of exotic OTC options, CDS, structured instruments, valuation of debt portfolios).
  • Audit of the valuation and reporting of the value of derivatives by the party issuing/quoting the instrument (counterparty).
  • Outsourcing the valuation process of financial instruments.
  • Creating IT solutions to automate the valuation process for financial instruments.
  • Creation of financial instruments, securitization and servicing of securitized instruments.

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Asset management support system

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KID PRIIPS, or reporting

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