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Risk Analytics is the Investment Company’s risk management hub. The tool automates the process of measuring, monitoring and reporting market risks. Additionally, the system allows to track legal and internal limits imposed on individual funds.

The solution also provides retail investment performance analysis, attribution, and comparison of performance against specific benchmarks and competitive funds.

Risk management

We offer a wide range of consulting services for market risk management in financial institutions:

  • Creation of risk models, their stress-testing, validation and implementation in software used by the Institution (e.g. VaR models).
  • Outsourcing the risk management process at every stage (risk measurement, risk monitoring, risk reporting).
  • Audit of risk management process, models used and adequacy of methods.
  • Audit of fund management performance compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) performance presentation standards.
  • Implementation of market, credit and operational risk management systems.
  • Support in the area of Asset/Liability Matching in Insurance Companies.
  • Advice on GIPS implementation.

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