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ProService Finteco is constantly expanding the range of its services to meet the expectations of its clients. For our business partners we provide accounting services in the investment sector. Thanks to a selected team of experienced specialists we are able to guarantee a high level of competence, and thus the highest quality of service.

97 bln
Valued assets
Investment portfolios
Insurance Equity Funds
Handles limits
Valued financial instruments a day

Accounting and Fund Valuation

ProService Finleco’s dedicated team of experts provides professional management of fund financial books. The service includes, but is not limited to, the ongoing valuation of the funds’ portfolios and the preparation of the funds’ financial statements within the timeframes specified in detailed regulations. We also calculate relevant metrics for the preparation of the Key Investor Information document.

ProService Finteco provides accounting and asset valuation services for a variety of fund types: FIO, FIZ, OFE, DFE. The widest range of funds on the Polish market available to ProService Finteco clients guarantees service of the full spectrum of financial instruments and fund specifics, including funds with separated subfunds, multi-unit funds, securitization funds, non-public assets funds, real estate funds, etc.

What can we do for you?

ProService Finteco is constantly expanding the range of its services to meet customer expectations. We perform accounting activities in the investment sector for our business partners. With our professional team of experienced specialists, we are able to guarantee a high level of competence and, consequently, the highest quality of service.

Systems used in servicing investment funds:

100 billion
value of the assets
under valuation
number of supported
number of supported ULIs
number of financial instruments
valued per day

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Checking cost limit overruns.

Cooperation with auditors of the Funds.

Gross asset values of the Fund.

Issuance of settlement instructions to the Depositary.

Determines the main market.

Providing information on limit exceedances to the Depositary.

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Sales Director of the ProService Finteco Group

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