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We provide comprehensive operational support services for investment funds – always in compliance with current legal regulations to guarantee the highest level of implementation and full satisfaction of our clients.

137 bln
Handled assets
37 mln
Annual transactions
12 mln
Administered funds and sub-funds
8 mln

We operate:

  • all types of funds, including Open Investment Funds, Closed Investment Funds, Alternative Investment Funds, Specialist Open Investment Funds
  • all types of products, including IKE, IKZE, PPE, PSO, PPK
  • various categories of participation units

Our services include:

  • keeping a register of participants,
  • distribution and operation of the distribution network,
  • full support for KIID / PRIIPS, AML/ KYC, FATCA, CRS,
  • sending transaction confirmations and other personalized correspondence,
  • full service of investment certificates,
  • providing information on the phone about the participation in the Fund to Investors, Participants, distributors and dealers (call center/customer service),
  • clarifying orders or instructions for defects or other discrepancies,
  • clarifying written questions or complaints of Participants, distributors and dealers,
  • servicing foreign funds, acting as a sub-Transfer Agent
  • ready B2B and B2C distribution platforms
We provide infrastructure and business applications
  • We provide complex support for system and regulatory changes. Our technology and business solutions provide comprehensive customer service, clearing, reporting and asset management.
  • We adapt systems and technologies to new legal regulations, ensure their stability, high security and scalability;
  • We provide systemic distribution of units of interest;
  • We maintain accounting books and necessary settlements;
  • We automate valuation and asset management processes;
  • We enable full management and statutory reporting;
  • We provide dedicated services for the specific needs of our clients.
We provide support for back-office operational processes
  • We manage business processes comprehensively.
  • We support the processes of settlements, clarifications, complaints, and communication with customers, providing the whole of back-office processes.
  • We implement new technologies that eliminate the need for paper documents and automate customer service process, increasing fund participants’ satisfaction.
We will provide multichannel digital communication for participants of investment funds – front office
  • We deliver state-of-the-art technologies that provide digital self-service for participants, responding to the challenges of today. From mobile solutions to video verification and automation of online purchases in cooperation with an advisor.
  • We provide a multichannel communication environment for clients and advisors from self-service web portals to the dedicated centre for clients and advisors

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AML reporting/analysis service

Active support for post-sale activities

Continuity of operation during crisis

FATCA reporting service

CRS reporting service

Generating reports and calculating computational indicators

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Sales Director of the ProService Finteco Group

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