Call center

How can Call center help your business?

In addition to facilitating operational processes, we offer active support for post-sale activities. We know that good relations with Shareholders and access to full and up-to-date product information are very important to our Customers. We offer professional communication-oriented solutions to support the development of good Shareholder relations.

  • Call Centre – we provide our Customers with a professional Call Centre service which may be addressed both to Shareholders and distributors. The range of services provided as part of the dedicated telephone service is adapted to the expectations of our Customers. Call Centre operators are regularly trained by fund management companies to ensure the highest quality of the services provided.
  • Interactive information services – we offer mechanisms which allow investors to receive direct information on the status of their investments, settled transactions, fund valuations, etc. The mechanisms provide 24/7 access to information via phone (IVR) or a website; they may also be used as applications for the submission of instructions and other declarations.
  • Complaints and inquiries as part of our services, we offer professional complaint and inquiry handling for investors and fund Shareholders. Complaints and inquiries are handled and answered in accordance with procedures agreed on with our Customers, thanks to which the services provided are top-quality.

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