Video Verification

Video Verification – A quick and convenient way to sign contracts and service clients online without leaving home

What is Video Verification about

Video verification is an indispensable tool in every industry where it is necessary to verify the customer’s identity. A simple and fast process will enable you to start cooperation with the client and sell current products in a convenient place and time, without the need for the client to leave the house.

A computer, tablet or smartphone is enough for this to be able to verify the customer’s identity and conclude a contract remotely.

ID verification

Checking the correctness, integrity and originality of the presented document:

  • verification of documents from 200 countries of the world
  • verification of e-IDs and electronic passports
  • automatic checking of 20+ different groups of rules defined based on the scanned data and dependencies between them (Polish documents)

Comparison of the person’s image and a photo on the document

  • result of the matching specified in percentage
  • algorithms take into consideration changes of the image caused with different hairstyle, beard, glasses or aging process

Searching for photos in the system

verification whether the document has a photo assigned to another person, already registered in the database

Confirming the person’s life: verification whether in the verification process the person’s face was presented

Confirming the person’s life:

  • verification whether in the verification process the person’s face was presented
  • a request for making the indicated head moves; a request for reading the displayed text

Who is Video Verification for

As part of the strong trends in the development of digitization and online solutions, the existing customer service solutions proposed by companies do not seem to be so convenient and available anymore.

The present times require a completely different approach in the verification of their identity. Instead, the current necessity to visit the branch, sign the contract at the courier and send it back or make a transfer “for one zloty” from a bank account, from now on there is an online method – Video verification of the identity.

Video Verification is a solution that is particularly beneficial for companies from industries such as:

  • Finances (banks, loan companies)
  • Investments (investment fund companies, brokerage houses)
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Bookmaker bets
  • Media providers

What can be gained from Video Verification

For your company

  • Reliable, automatic and secure remote client identity verification process
  • Significant reduction of customer service time
  • Elimination of possible errors in data made during their manual input
  • Launching a new online customer acquisition channel
  • Reducing the costs of servicing and acquiring new clients through full automation of processes – the contract for the client is generated automatically and transferred via electronic channel
  • Limiting high costs of distribution/running own branches

For your client

  • Shortening the time needed to complete formalities and quickly start using the selected service
  • No need to leave the house – verification is possible in a place and time convenient for the client
  • No need for specialized devices – all you need is a laptop, tablet or a smartphone

How Video Verification works at Proservice Finteco in practice

The client starts the online application or installs and runs the mobile application

When registering, he client selects the Video Verification option.

In the case of using the online application, the customer has the option to take photos with a laptop camera or redirect the photo taking to a mobile phone (execution by sending a text message with the appropriate link).

The client is asked to take a few photos:

It is necessary to:

  • Take a photo of the first page of the document
  • Take a photo of the reverse side of the document
  • Take a photo of the client
  • Make a recording of head movements or reading a presented text.

Video Verification finalization

Data processing system:

  • Recognizes the type of document and its acceptability
  • Scans document data
  • Verifies data formats, compliance and completeness
  • Verifies the document in the restricted documents database
  • Verifies the compliance of the photo with the use and his presence in the database
  • The verification process is complete

Does it sound like a perfect solution to you?

Our team of experts is ready to talk to you about the solutions of Video verification.

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