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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), imposing on institutions new obligations related to personal data processing, came into force on 25 May 2018.

The system supports compliance with the obligations resulting from the Regulation, constitutes a central GDPR Repository and supports the organisation in managing and handling business processes related to the GDPR. The system had a modular design; it is possible to implement only those functionalities that are essential for the organisation, for instance:

  • a dashboard with configurable information panels,
  • a GDPR repository – a set of registers supporting collecting, searching, viewing and accessing information in compliance with applicable regulations, e.g.
    • Register of Processing Activities,
    • Register of Processing Activity Categories,
    • Register of Incidents / Breaches of Personal Data Protection,
    • DPIA Register,
    • Register: Privacy by Design / Privacy by Default,
    • Register of Cases,
    • Register of IT systems,
    • Register of Clauses,
  • an automatic handling of GDPR requests concerning rights of people,
  • full handling of security incidents / breaches,
  • handling processes determining DPiA assessments,
  • handling verification processes of Privacy by design/Privacy by default,
  • Central Personal Data Retention System covering:
    • Central Personal Base,
    • Central Processing Base Register / Central Register of Consents,
    • Document Repository.

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