FlexiBlocks - Software for insurance companies

Quickly guide your client through the insurance process thanks to an innovative program for insurance agents in the cloud!

What is FlexiBlocks?

FlexiBlocks is a flexible cloud platform to handle all the insurer’s business processes.

Benefit from the multi-module system to support your insurance products. Speed up time-to-market without incurring capital expenditure, secure data, and lead the client smoothly through the insurance purchase process.

Why choose this system?

FlexiBlocks is one system to manage the entire insurance process:

  • Sales of insurance in various channels
  • Calculating and settling commissions with partners and agents, Management of the agency sales network
  • Support for cooperation with UFG
  • Integration with CEPiK
  • Modeling and management of the insurance tariff
  • Policy administration
  • Handling of refusal of contracts
  • After-sales service
  • Payment handling
  • Completion of damages ​
  • Damage assessment ​
  • Payment of compensation.​

What problems can FlexiBlocks software
for insurance brokers solve?

Instead of several systems, you can have one integrated FlexiBlocks transaction system, which reduces the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure.

The integrated system enables the automation of processes, which translates into resource savings and reduced service launch time.

FlexiBlocks guarantees full scalability, which facilitates data migration, functionality development and adaptation to your needs.

Sale your first policy within the first month!

FlexiBlocks enables the sale of the first policy as early as a month after its implementation. It also handles tens of thousands of inquiries about the calculation of the offer daily.

During peak days, the system handled approximately 30,000 offer calculations for Trasti,
a new insurance company on the Polish market.

The first such innovative program on the market for insurance agents in the Microsoft Azure cloud

ProService Finteco has created software for a new insurer on the Polish market, using the FlexiBlock transaction system in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This is the first such commercial implementation in Poland.

FlexiBlocks – customize software to your needs

Choose the modules that are right for your company:

  • sales calculator module
  • tariff module Application module
  • printout handling module
  • policy module
  • auxiliary ledger modul
  • payment handling module
  • claims handling module
  • reinsurance service module
  • data integration & exchange support module
  • SMS / email communication
  • support for data integration and exchange.

FlexiBlocks is cloud support at every stage of the sales

What are the benefits of the FlexiBlocks insurance agency program?

  • Accelerated time to market (max. 6 months)​
  • No need to incur capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • No need for building a physical IT infrastructure
  • Possibility to configure only those modules that are needed
  • Meeting the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Integration with the largest partners and comparison websites
  • Full support for property security


“The FlexiBlocks transaction system is innovative and meets all quality and security standards in the financial market. It supports the insurance products we offer, it is convenient and simple. Flexiblocks is scalable and easily adaptable to other markets”

– says Artur Olech, CEO Trasti.

Adam Smółkowski

Director of the Department of Services and Insurance Products

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