CasePro No-code

No-Code development is the way to build apps more quickly without the need to code

What is No-code Development?

No-code is a modern approach to application development. No-code CasePro development platform provides drag-and-drop tools that enable businesses to develop software quickly without coding. The platform provides extensive modeling capabilities for the logic defining the user interface, WYSIWYG editors and drag-and-drop components to quickly assemble and design applications. Both developers and non-developers can use these tools to practice rapid application development with customized workflows, user interface, data base model and business logic. Such solutions are used in companies and institutions that need to quickly respond to changes in business processes or workflows, and notifications about the status of task execution are a great method of control.


From business process designers to experienced technical developers

Now everyone can build, integrate, test and deploy applications. Business analysts and process designers who have a strong understanding of business processes and business workflows, but have no coding skills or deep technical IT background typically pick up zero-code. These users build application functionality using advanced editors and drag-and-drop items.

Eliminate the need for coding and boost time-to-value

Create applications that work right away with the CasePro platform, which provides a set of ready-to-use components that allow you to quickly implement new ideas and innovative solutions. Apps go live 10x faster than traditional development, improving your business value quickly.

Decision Engine, scoring, rating

The CasePro embedded Decision Engine is a service that can assess the risk, calculate predictions or make recommendations that will minimize risk and maximize business performance. Easy debugging and algorithms testing shortens the design cycle.

Implement complex security policies with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

CasePro provides attribute-based access control tools for implementing extensive security policies. ABAC is an authorization model that evaluates attributes (or characteristics), rather than roles, to determine access. The purpose of ABAC is to protect objects such as data, network devices, and IT resources from unauthorized users and actions – those that do not have “approved” characteristics as defined by an organization’s security policies. The key benefit of CasePro ABAC is its flexibility. With CasePro ABAC, your applications can support multiple companies / entities / banks in one installation.


Make your apps secure

CasePro adheres to the high-security standards OWASP ASVS L2 that ensure the safety of applications from design to development level. The OWASP ASVS defines verification and documentation requirements that are grouped based on related coverage and level of rigor.

Easy integration

CasePro has high flexibility in integration with external systems. API (REST / SOAP) provides published functions that can both share data, data recording services and run algorithms of the Decision Engine. Standard integration components for invoking external services require only configuration and allow easy deployment of dedicated connectors using standard queuing mechanisms.

Modern multi-layer architecture

CasePro has a modern, multi-layer architecture, which is a set of many cooperating services, including BPM service, rules service, schedule service and micro services, such as documents repository storage service, session service, event processing service and mediators to communication with external systems.

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