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The only solution in the market available in the SaaS model that enables automated communication with the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

Trusted by leading brands in the insurance sector

Shorten the insurance purchase path to 60 seconds

BrokerUFG allows you to purchase an insurance policy only on the basis of the vehicle registration number and your PESEL number.

Thanks to the online sales channel, a client can go through the pricing process on their own and finish the whole procedure in a matter of 60 seconds! The necessary data is automatically completed by our tool that communicates with UFG and CEPiK databases.

Get high position in the UFG ranking

BrokerUFG guarantees full compliance with legal and UFG requirements in the field of reporting and data exchange. The solution ensures the transmission of policy data in accordance with the criteria specified by the Insurance Act.

It automatically compares and verifies the number of policies that have been reported by the company and issued by the insurer. This efficiency increases chances of getting a high position in the annual quality ranking of the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

Benefit from an integrated insurance system

BrokerUFG acts as a centralized data repository that supports reporting and cooperation with the UFG. The solution organizes data dispersed in archival systems, reduces the complexity of the IT infrastructure and the costs of its maintenance.

It has a transparent integration model, which shortens the time of full implementation of the tool into the company’s infrastructure.

BrokerUFG was awarded the title of the best product in the InsurTech category at Fintech Summit Poland 2021!

The award was granted by the editors of and the Program Council, consisting of over 30 experts in the fintech industry.

Thanks to BrokerUFG you will handle all the processes required by the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

What will your insurance company gain from automation?

Reduction of
operating costs

Data analysis

Error-free reporting
to the UFG

Shortened the
sales path

High position
in the UFG ranking

Accelerated compensation
payment process

Adam Smółkowski

Director of the Department of Services and Insurance Products

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Adjust the implementation of the BrokerUFG to your needs

FAQ: BrokerUFG

All insurance companies offering motor insurance on the Polish market are required to exchange data with UFG. BrokerUFG is therefore dedicated to all companies that want to improve the quality of services provided through automation and increase the profitability of their business. BrokerUFG will also work for international companies that plan to expand their services to the Polish market. BrokerUFG will ensure companies full compliance with legal requirements.

It all depends on the needs and technical condition of the company. BrokerUFG not only improves the flow of data between the insurance company and the Insurance Guarantee Fund, but also facilitates the sale of policies. During consultations with our expert, the needs and goals of the cooperation are determined.

Our pricing model consists of two factors: a flat fee for a functional module and a fee calculated on the basis of generated traffic (the number of records sent to the UFG and fetched from the UFG). Depending on the client’s requirements, we provide the service in two plans, Standard and Premium, with different SLA levels.

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