Asset Valuation System

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The AVS system, that is Asset Valuation System with an eFR (easy Financial Reporting) module is a comprehensive solution for accounting, asset valuation and reporting for investment, pension and insurance funds for TFIs, PTEs, TUs, Depositaries and Asset Management companies.

The system has been developed for several years and has been awarded by Microsoft and Gazeta Bankowa, and its effectiveness has been verified by the market and confirmed by many references from industry leaders.

With extensive parameterization, the solution supports all permitted financial instruments, asset and liability classes. It allows the use and free parameterization of multiple chart of accounts and accounting schemes; it controls statutory, regulatory and internal limits.

We understand how valuable our clients’ time is, therefore we have developed efficient migration procedures to support the implementation process. Furthermore, the system is user-friendly and flexibly adapts to the requirements of a given organization.

Asset Valuation System

AVS ensures full compliance with legal regulations, PFSA’s requirements and auditors’ recommendations. Our solution supports several hundred mutual funds, pension funds, insurance equity funds and portfolios for Asset Management companies.

It ensures, among other things:

  • Reduced handling time and labor intensity of the valuation process and publication of results.
  • Streamlining operations, ensuring data consistency, and increasing valuation team productivity.
  • Comprehensive auditability of data in the system based on accounting records and source documents.
  • Maintaining a record of transaction records in accordance with the requirements of the European MiFID Directive.
  • Examination of investment limits for supervisory purposes against restrictions under the Act, regulations, and fund statutes.
  • Publications – automatic creation and delivery of reports generated from the system to appropriate groups of recipients.
  • A rich set of parameters allows to tailor the solution to the individual requirements of a given organization.
  • Full handling of the specifics of the Polish market, support from experienced consultants, as well as constant development of the system.
  • State-of-the-art technology, user-friendly environment and security of the solution.

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