Test Automation

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To our clients who develop and implement advanced, modern IT systems we are able to offer innovative solutions that allow for test automation, which is a vital stage before putting any application into operation. Traditional testing methods involve large human resources, take a lot of time and are exposed to the error factor, caused, for example, by operators’ fatigue. The solutions we offer significantly accelerate the testing process while ensuring much greater regularity and reliability.

Among other things, we have advanced hardware and software infrastructure that enables automatic testing of mobile applications through their physical operation on real devices.. This gives a much higher quality of testing and a better chance to detect problems than running applications on the software emulators used so far. It also allows the process to be centrally managed and run continuously (24/7), as well as in ad hoc mode, such as when hot fixes are needed.

The test automation we offer minimizes the risk, significantly speeds up the process, reduces costs and allows flexible operation in a form convenient to the user.

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