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The Credit Exposure Monitoring System is an IT solution for organizing and automated service of processes related to cyclical activities aimed at controlling the financial standing of clients, borrowers or lessees. In addition, the timeliness of loan repayments, compliance with covenants, as well as automatic acquisition and analysis of data from external sources, e.g. economic information bureaus, can be verified as part of the implemented activities.

An example of the process of monitoring in the banking sector is determining the current risk group for the monitored credit customer using the appropriate customer assessment algorithms and the knowledge accumulated about the customer. The process allows for cyclical monitoring of both companies in the SME sector and large enterprises.


Another example of monitoring is the Early Warning System for Leasing (EWS – Early Warning System) used for ongoing monitoring of the financial standing of lessees, classifying them into appropriate risk groups, and in the event of a deterioration, taking preventive, corrective or recovery actions as soon as possible.

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