How can microsegmentation help you?

Microsegmentation is an advanced form of grouping a small number of customers into precise segments, based on customers’ purchasing habits, including behavioural forecasts and demographic factors.

  • Thanks to microsegmentation, the product offer is directed precisely to each microsegment in order to maximize the effectiveness of contact with the customer and adjust the offer to his expectations.
  • Customers react much faster to personalized services and offers, presented in real time in any channel of contact. This is an important competitive advantage factor for those organizations that use artificial intelligence to analyze their data. Offers that are mismatched to the customer’s needs and capabilities or are delivered at the wrong time cause great disappointment and significantly affect the inadequate response of customers.
  • The aim of the microsegmentation is to create a product offer (Next Best Offer/Next Best Action) that meets the current needs of the client, is well suited and presented to the client in each communication channel, at the right time.

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