Robotization of Processes

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The Robotic Process Automation solution replaces the man in the implementation of everyday processes performed in information systems. The robotization of operational processes is a response to the increasingly progressive relocation of operational activities of enterprises to the digital domain.

The optimization and simplification of processes carried out for many years are no longer sufficient elements affecting the market competitiveness of a given company; it has turned out that it is necessary to support employees in the implementation of their daily activities in an automated, scalable and controlled manner.

The robotization of operational processes can be implemented for processes that:

  • are routine, repeatable and have a well-defined course,
  • can be described by the sequence of events implemented in IT systems,
  • use existing data in a digitized form in the process.


Our innovative Robotic Process Automation solution allows for:

  • better process management,
  • better mitigation of operational risk (e.g. file management in process support, no human errors, better control and process stability),
  • achieving savings through the use of a scalable platform capable of performing any number of processes 24/7.


A solution from Makeitright, a company owned by the ProService Finteco Group of Companies


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