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Services for the Luxembourg market are provided by Moventum SCA and Moventum Asset Management S.A. Moventum SCA, Moventum AM and ProService Finteco are subsidiaries of ProFund SàRL, a Luxembourg holding company.

Entities offer its clients a comprehensive fund services and distribution experience, allowing asset managers, institutional investors, fund promoters and family offices to focus on their core business.

Starting from the establishment of traditional investment funds dedicated to the retail public up to the creation of alternative funds (regulated or not), Moventum is able to offer assistance in all phases of the fund`s lifetime. Moventum is able to provide the full value chain of fund services by making available to its customers the necessary professionalism and outstanding customer support in combination with a high level of systems automation.

Moventum defines itself as a player acting in open architecture, collaborating and interacting with many complementary service providers of the Luxembourg financial place in order to offer its customers an integrated and complete service experience.


How can we help your company?​

Setup process

  • Introduction/coordination of all relevant external service providers;
  • Review and validation of the issuing document, incorporation documents and any other ancillary documents related to the fund;
  • Assistance in the framework of the bank account opening process;
  • Drafting and release of an operating memorandum of the fund.

Registered office – corporate secretary – directorship

  • Registered office to the fund; 
  • Independent directorship appointment;
  • Corporate Secretary; 
  • Convening and holding of Shareholders’ General meetings – drafting of the relevant minutes;
  • Convening and holding of Board of Directors meetings – drafting of the relevant minutes;
  • Filing of the relevant resolutions in compliance with local requirements.

Fund administration – accounting services

  • NAV calculation and dissemination;
  • Fees Calculation (i.e. performance fees, management fees);
  • Release of specific periodical reports;
  • Financial Statements drafting;
  • Assistance in the framework of the Annual Audit process;
  • Filing of the relevant annual accounts in compliance with local requirements.

Register and transfer agency

  • Investors on boarding process covering all relevant KYC and AML duties;
  • Investors’ account opening process;
  • Online access for investors – “Account View”;
  • Execution of all relevant investors transactions and corporate actions;
  • Investors’ communication process – release of contract notes and periodical statements.

Regulatory and compliance services

  • Regulatory reporting services;
  • CRS and FATCA reporting;
  • Extensive support for the establishment of KIID – PRIIPS;
  • UBO register monitoring and reporting;
  • Ongoing monitoring of KYC and AML duties.

Corporate services

  • Assistance to the incorporation of SPVs and GPs entities linked to funds projects;
  • Registered office to the entity;
  • Independent directorship appointment;
  • Accounting services;
  • COSEC and administrative services.

Tax services

(In cooperation with our external trusted partners)

  • Luxembourg Income Tax returns;
  • Subscription Tax returns;
  • VAT;
  • Establishing of specific investors’ tax reporting.

MoventumOffice – The system for efficient and effective financial advisor processes

Moventum 2.0 – Trading platform for financial advisor 

MoventumOffice  is a web-based management and investment platform for financial professionals

With just a few clicks, you can open custody accounts for your clients, place orders and access analytic, reporting and support tools to help you with day-to-day client management. Transactions are processed securely and transparently using highly automated processes. The digital securities trading platform provides access to more than 10,000 funds, ETFs and other securities as well as asset management solutions.

Your benefits at a glance:


Access to current market news & Morningstar – Fund Analyst Research and Ratings

Mobile Banking

Clear, user-friendly design


Trading platform offering more than 10,000 funds, including ETFs and other securities


Automated commission settlements, detailed reporting and reliable support tools

Custumer data

Fully digital onboarding: client and environment friendly

Tutorial video

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Need assistance?

You don’t know which solution suits your problem? We will be happy to talk about all the details.

Paweł Sujecki

CEO ProService Finteco

Need assistance?

You don’t know which solution suits your problem? We will be happy to talk about all the details.

Marco Lagona

Board member

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