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The UFG broker is a modular system supporting the processes of powering and inquiries to the Insurance Guarantee Fund (Ubezpieczenowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny), adapted to the latest versions of UFG services, i.e. Corrections 2.0 and ZPP 4.1, also built for future use in the integration of BDU and CEPiK systems. The UFG Broker system can be integrated with the production systems of insurance companies by means of direct data supply or through external supply, e.g. using xls, csv, xml files.

As part of the UFG Broker service, we offer a comprehensive analysis of current business processes and the IT solutions of the customer. We conduct a thorough audit of power supply processes and queries directed to UFG, during which we locate all sources of problems and develop recommendations for process and business improvements. We offer comprehensive implementation of a modular system and support service related to the preparation of data for export and interpretation of data sets along with full automation of communication processes with UFG.

We have a large team of experienced analysts and field experts (including long-term employees of the Insurance Guarantee Fund Information Center (Ośrodek Informacji Ubezpieczeniowego Funduszu Gwarancyjnego), responsible for the design and construction of all UFG mechanisms and services), offering full analytical support in the scope expected by our clients.


The benefits of implementing the UFG Broker system include:

  • Minimizing the costs of servicing all processes related to UFG
  • Improving data quality
  • Improving the value of qualitative indicators
  • Full automation of data exchange processes with UFG
  • Unambiguous interpretation of data obtained from UFG
  • Use of the latest versions of services and processes
  • Ensuring compliance and consistency with new systems and processes planned by UFG (such as BDU, CEPiK 2.0)


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