Scoring. Decision Engine

How can Decision Engine help your business?

Decision Engine is a tool for automatic expert decision making based on pre-defined algorithms. The solution complements the functionality of the workflow/decision-making processes and supports analysts in data analysis and taking decisions.

The solution is used in many processes, including:

  • credit risk assessment,
  • customer credibility assessment,
  • scoring, rating, behavioural scoring,
  • determining creditworthiness,
  • data analysis and assessment (transactional data, data sourced from economic information bureaus),
  • detecting fraud and abuse,
  • preventing customer loss.

The decision-making algorithms parametrized in Decision Engine have the following applications:

  • decision recommendations,
  • automatic decisions,
  • sale of products and services,
  • monitoring of customers, liabilities, production lines,
  • debt recovery,
  • central decision-making.

Benefits of the solution:

  • significant acceleration of the analysis and application review process,
  • greater consistency and regularity of decisions,
  • easier management and control of loan applications,
  • reduction of abuses,
  • greater independence from human error.

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