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The offered FlexiBlocks platform was designed as a multi-module system for handling financial products, in particular insurance products characterized by the most complex contract service process. The set of modules created from scratch, based on the best market patterns, is still being developed and expanded with new functional elements. The modules currently available allow the implementation of the full financial product service process, including:

  • preparation of the offer (tariff calculations),
  • comparison of offers of various partners,
  • presenting details of the selected offer,
  • acceptance of the application,
  • conclusion of the contract (including the issue of documents),
  • after-sales service (annexing, customer service in the CRM module),
  • payment services (PZ orders, MassCollect Subaccount service, downloading from mBank customer accounts by the PZ mechanism).

The solution can integrate with banking systems and partner systems, including leasing companies and insurance companies. Business processes can be modeled based on the WorkFlow module.

The platform meets the requirements for the security of personal data processing systems (specified in the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration) at the highest, third level. The system was written based on a three-layer client-server architecture using .NET technology.

The architecture used allows achieving high availability time, fault tolerance (each element of the system is redundant) and enables scalability (increasing computing power by adding more servers). The system can run on both physical and virtual servers. The modular structure of the system in combination with the implementation of the code based on the framework model guarantees the possibility of adapting the system to rapidly changing market conditions with minimal work input. The infrastructure used allows for increasing the possibilities of the solution in terms of both the volume of operations and functionality – without the need to incur significant costs for further investments.


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