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The CasePro Loans System is a solution for automating credit processes at the Bank. The solution includes a coherent model of credit granting processes, which takes into account the multi-level, complex structure of rights to service credit applications for both individual and institutional clients, rules for monitoring borrowers and communication with internal and external systems, i.e. the central system, with the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) ), the National Debt Register (KRD), databases of the Polish Bank Association: Banking Register (BR), Restricted Documents (DZ), data warehouse. Thanks to extensive authorization mechanisms, the system can work in a multi-bank model.

The solution is developed on the basis of a modern application platform combining the functionality of BPM (Business Process Management) class workflow solutions and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) class solutions. The platform allows to quickly create and change business software based on ready and tested components. The Graphic Modeler allows full definition of the functionality of the application without programming. The Modeler module gives the possibility of simple and independent adaptation of an already automated process to current business needs, defining new processes, ongoing updating of the process without interrupting system operation, and monitoring the progress of cases. An important aspect is that Modeler can be used by people with analytical expertise on the business side, without involving IT departments.


Examples of functionalities available as part of the CasePro platform:

  • Credit sales – credit workflow
  • Credit administration, document generation
  • Credit risk assessment – rating / scoring, decision strategies, pre-scoring
  • Online loan – a fully automatic loan granting process integrated with electronic channels
  • Database of offers – preparing profiled offers thanks to microsegmentation and pre-scoring of clients to be made available in electronic channels
  • Front-end – a responsive user interface, a mobile interface
  • Client folder – a 360° view, customer data integration, indicator analysis
  • Monitoring of customers, borrowers, lessees, loan repayments, covenants
  • Communication with BIK, DZ, BR, KRD, BIG databases and external systems
  • Automated analysis and evaluation of information obtained from external systems
  • Middleware – system integration, communication between systems
  • Handling preferential loans and guarantees, including FGP liquidity guarantees


Benefits of using the solution:

  • Cost reduction through work automation
  • Risk reduction as a result of using unified document and case processing rules
  • Efficient circulation of information within the company
  • Full control and monitoring of all steps within the process 
  • Solution security thanks to the use of modern technologies
  • Convenient access to the system via a web browser


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